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Department of ear, nose and throat (ENT) of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences has a significant background and is regarded as one of the leading and successful educational departments in the areas of education, research and treatment. Some of the honors of this department include ownership of the first and only ENT journal of Iran, establishment of the second large cochlear implant center of the country, and obtaining the first rank of the specialty board.

About sixty years ago, professor Yaghmaei established this section in Imam Reza Hospital with the minimum facilities and equipment. To date, several scholars, including Dr. Mirsalehi (deceased), Dr. Mokhtari Amirmajdi, Dr. Norouzbeigi, and other professors have aimed to qualitatively and quantitatively improve this department. Currently, 14 faculty members have been assigned for this department in order to teach general practitioners, specialists and those with fellowships in three study fields of etiology, rhinology and head and neck. These faculty members are active in hospitals of Imam Reza, Ghaem, Omid and Emdadi, aiming to advance educational and research goals by relying on the kindness of God and with the cooperation and support of other colleagues. 


Dr. Mohammad Reza Sharifian

Dean of ENT Department

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